This iris sign is easily visible without any special equipment. It is also called the Ring of Purpose, or the Specialist Ring, and appears as a darkened border around the periphery of the iris. It can be a full circle or an arc, and will vary in depth and darkness according to the individual constitution and circumstances.

On a physiological level, the Scurf Rim shows potential under-activity or congestion of the skin and underlying blood vessels and lymphatic tissue. Lymphatic drainage may be disturbed, and there may be blood toxicity due to poor elimination of metabolic toxins. This toxic condition overburdens other organs of detoxification, including the lungs, liver, and kidneys.

The skin is often called the “Third Kidney.” It ideally eliminates about two pounds of metabolic waste products from the body daily. A large amount of this waste is urea and uric acid, the same wastes that the kidneys are responsible for removing from the body. If the skin elimination is poor, the kidneys can easily become overworked, which can eventually also put undo stress on the heart. A person can become predisposed to joint problems, kidney and gall stones, and chronic mucous and pus-forming processes, along with various skin disorders.

A deep, dark Scurf Rim can also be caused by extensive cosmetic use, and suppression of the natural skin elimination by the use of antiperspirants, various skin salves, and unnatural clothing fibers. The skin also absorbs toxicity from the environment.

To care for the skin, it is important to get exercise, fresh air, and sunlight, and wear natural-fiber clothing. Daily skin brushing, done before showering with a natural vegetable bristle brush, will help to open the pores and facilitate elimination. Foods rich in silicon, such as rice bran syrup, oat straw tea (must be boiled, not just steeped, for 10 minutes), kelp, and alfalfa sprouts will help to nourish the skin. As a note, when the skin is showing potential under-activity by a prominent Scurf Rim, the nerves are also not properly nourished, and foods such as those mentioned will also nourish the nerves.

Iris signs also show many things about a person’s personality and behavioral patterns. These traits are not “set in stone,” as they are modified by many other signs and by the extent of the iris sign, the same as astrological signs, where the sun sign gives much general information, but is modified by many other aspects of the chart. The indications are very interesting, and may prove helpful to many people, especially when used with the goal in mind of empowering a person to work with his or her constitution for realizing the highest possible potential.

This iris sign ,the scurf rim, shows that the tactile sense may be lowered, that a person can’t get all the joy out of life. People with this sign may feel dissociated, like there is a wall between them and the world. They may feel confused, stagnant, indecisive, appearing outwardly smug and confident, but knowing that if they were to meet with failure, their confidence would be lost. They often will not take risks because of this fear of failure. They often have a sense of specialness, a sense of mission, and have a very good grasp of philosophical and conceptual matters. They do not want to be trapped by anything, and do not like to be committed to anything or anyone. They are idealistic, and prone to procrastination. They are often attached to remaining in the conceptual and etheric realms, and don’t like to be “grounded.” They may spend their lives seeking their special mission, yet are unclear how to achieve their objectives. The greatest challenge of this sign is the indecisiveness that comes from being habituated to being overly conceptual, abstract, and future-oriented.

People with this sign commonly avoid touch, and lack connections with other people. They can benefit from healthy touch, proper focus and diligence, and commitment to a person or a project. If they keep their focus on a conceptual reality, they are unlikely to be able to set themselves free of their inward doubts, confusion, and inertia. Yet, if they work well with their constitutional traits, they will show great grace, poise, and calmness, and be able to apply their wonderful abilities for conceptual and philosophical understanding to experience their entire life as having a special purpose and mission.